Libyan Spice Selection Box
Libyan Spice Selection Box
Libyan Spice Selection Box

Libyan Spice Selection Box

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An all-around refill for your spice cupboard, or a great choice to try all of our spices! This wrapped box also makes an ideal gift for someone who loves to cook.

Each box contains one of each of our Libyan spice range, plus one of either the Tripoli or Benghazi Hararat spice blends.


  • Busla spice mix - a blend of cinnamon and cloves essential for Libya’s classic onion and chickpea topping
  • Bzaar - a powerful turmeric-centred spice mix
  • Shakshouka spice mix - a blend we perfected especially for the elite Libyan egg breakfast
  • Harissa spice mix - adds life to any dip or summer salad - especially harissa or grilled vegetable salsas
  • Cumin - the ideal spice for cooking fish, and perfectly compliments lentils and pulses
  • Hararat - choose either the Tripoli or Benghazi version of the default Libyan cooking mix 

Freshness guarantee: All our spices are freshly roasted and ground in the UK, making the taste unbeatable.