Our Mission

We've embarked on a journey to perfect the bold and delicious flavours of North African, and make them available to everyone.

We started with our classic Libyan spice collection. We toast and grind these spices fresh each month, making their fragrances in cooking incomparable - you'll never have to compromise on freshness again.

Be ready for many more treats coming for your kitchens - the Oea adventure is just beginning!

Recipes Blog

Check out some of our classic recipes for some of the most beloves Libyan delicacies.

  • I recieved it and we tried some today, it tastes amazing and brought back memories!! Thank you and I will be ordering again

  • قسما بالله العظيم حراراتك الطرابلسية حاجة تحفة تبارك الله على ما جربت في الغربة بكل مش زيهم .. وتعرفي والله حتى كنت في ليبيا وتوا راهو جيت ما جبتش من غادي  لانه بصدق  حراراتك  عجبوني هلبة 

  • خدمة نظيفة  وحاجة فايحة مش متع محلات ما تعرفي منو مدايرها يسلموا يدياتك

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